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High St. Collective is a Denver based folk-rock group.

Touching on folk, blues, jazz, and reggae influences the Collective offers listeners a novel Colorado sound.

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Dave Dyer
Dave Dyer is the drummer for HSC, and trying to track his musical tastes is like trying to stab the wind with a switchblade. Currently he's into locals Gasoline Lollipops and alt-country legends Deer Tick, but will probably always stand by his punk rock root go-to bands like Screeching Weasel and The Stooges. He grew up playing along with classic rock and metal bands in his basement, and has since developed a taste for volume control. His offstage persona is busily trying to solve the world's data problems with computers, math, and science, and he's doing his damndest to raise a decent human and become a decent mountain biker.
Eddie Gonzales
Eddie Gonzales plays bass and likes bees.
CP Meyer
C.P. Meyer sings lead vocals, and plays mandolin and fiddle for High Street Collective. Contributing a handful of originals to the Collective's repertoire his musical influences include old-school reggae, jazz, blues, folk and bluegrass. When not playing music, C.P. spends his free time skiing, running, biking, and enjoying the wilderness surrounding his Nederland, CO home.
CP Meyer
Todd Rudolph plays keyboard and provides lead and backup vocals (the ukulele may also make an appearance). He enjoys playing many types of music including improvisational, southern-jam-space-folk, country-jazz-icana, and bluegrass; rounding it off with classical roots way back in the day - which he still enjoys today. When he's not hard at work or writing music, one can usually find him on skis somewhere, taking a hike or setting camp, and always trying to keep up with his two young boys.
CP Meyer
Josh Solomon plays rhythm and lead guitar. He trained on classical guitar but plays mostly folk and bluegrass these days. He likes all genres of music with the exception of solo tuba music. When not playing he enjoys writing and working on home remodeling.